Business For Sale - £475,000

This well-maintained property is ideal for anyone wishing to run a rural tourism business including, walking holidays, cycling, birdwatching, yoga retreat, etc.

Situated in the picturesque village of Juzcar in the mountains of the Serrania de Ronda. The property comprises a self-contained house with lounge/diner, kitchen, bathroom and double bedroom, and a house which is split into a two-bedroom apartment upstairs and 3 studio apartments downstairs.

There is a private pool and plenty of outdoor space for sunbathing and eating out, as well as stunning views across the Serrania de Ronda.

The fact that the property is split into five self-contained rental units means that it is suitable for either several couples/small groups or one larger group who prefer more privacy than would be available in a single large house. This flexibility means that it is possible to take a booking for a couple (studio apartment), a family (top apartment) or a group of up to sixteen people (all five units).

You can check out this property on where it has been listed since December 2013. Go to and search for search for Casas Rurales Juzcar Centro. Note that the self-contained house is not included in the listing as this is currently reserved for use by the owner.

The property is connected to mains electricity, water and sewerage services. Each apartment has either a wood burning stove or a wood fire for the winter months. Access is from the main road through the village and there is ample car parking opposite. There is also a private driveway.

We have owned this property and run it as a holiday business since 2006. As we are based in the UK, the day-to-day management and maintenance has been performed by the same person in the village who is very reliable and professional.

From 2006 to 2013 we took bookings directly via our own website and one local agent. Since 2013 we have used and repeat visitors. There are several local events throughout the year where accomodation in the area is at a premium and we are always booked out for these.

If you would like more information please email

  • A beautifully situated rural property with private swimming pool
  • Separate house could be used as owners accomodation
  • Has been run as rural tourism business since 2006
  • Sleeps 14 to 16
  • On edge of popular village with hotel, shop and bars
  • 90 minutes from Malaga Airport
  • 20 Minutes from Ronda
  • Listed on since 2013 as Casas Rurales Juzcar Centro.

Street View of Property


Pool and Terrace


Rear of Property - Outdoor Dining


Rear of Property - Outdoor Cooking


Front of Property - Terrace


Views from Poolside


Top Apartment - Living Room


Top Apartment - Kitchen


Top Apartment - Mezzanine


Top Apartment - Bedroom


Studio Bathroom


Studio Lounge Area


Studio Kitchen


Studio 1 - Beds and Dining


Studio 3 - Beds


Separate House - Living Room


Separate House - Living Room and Kitchen


Separate House - Bedroom



Floor Plans


You can check out this property on where it has been listed since December 2013. Go to and search for earch for Casas Rurales Juzcar Centro. Note that the self-contained house is not included in the listing as this is used by the owner.

If you would like more information about this property, please email the owner:

The Village of Juzcar

The village of Júzcar can be found in the heart of the Serranía de Ronda, which is between the National Parks of Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra de Grazalema. Júzcar offers some of the most spectacular views of the rugged grey mountains that descend the hillsides lush with chestnut trees of the Valley of the Genal.

Located on the slope below Los Riscos, this village offers an excellent strategic position to observe the numerous birds of prey that inhabit this area. There are ample opportunities to observe Bonelli's eagle and Griffin vulture while tracing thermal currents.

For the more energetic visitors there are many options of walks between the other villages of the valley of the Genal and up to the field, following in the footsteps of the many old horseshoe paths and trails that are characteristic of this region.

As is typical of many of the small mountain villages this village grew around the Church, which attracted other small settlements, which existed before and after the Arabs. The current design of this unusual town is an excellent example of how the Moors took advantage of the characteristics of the geographical location in the construction of these villages.

The slopes of Júzcar are covered mainly with chestnut trees and olive trees, which offer the inhabitants a source of income. Within these forested hillsides you will also see the woods with their cork and oaks, as well as pine. This type of vegetation provides excellent hunting areas and the Genal River offers excellent fishing opportunities.

Júzcar offers a unique experience for amateur and expert mycologists due to its location between two different types of rock formations. The village hosts a special weekend during the fall, when groups of people explore the slopes of the local hills identifying and assembling a wide variety of mushrooms.

For hundreds of years the houses of the small town of Júzcar were painted white. There was nothing particularly remarkable about the town of 220 people, which attracted a few hundred tourists every year.

Then, in the spring of 2011, the executives of Sony Pictures appeared. They were looking for one of the white villages of Andalusia to paint it in blue. At first the villagers could not believe it, but the executives maintained that such advertising scheme created to mark the opening of the film of The Smurfs would make the town stand out.

Six months later the village council received a phone call from the people of Sony. The village had remained blue for the period of time they had agreed. When would you like your houses to be whitewashed to return to the village in its original bright white color? Another meeting was called. The vote was held and 141 people voted in favor of keeping the village blue, while only 33 voted against. The reason - the village had experienced an increase in the number of tourists to more than 80,000 people in six months.



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