Beethoven Blackjack – Basic Strategy

basic strategy blackjack

Beethoven Blackjack – Basic Strategy

If you are new to playing the game of blackjack, then you will definitely want to read some basic strategy guides. It is easy to get frustrated if you do not have basic strategy for playing this card game. There are a lot of different ways that people play blackjack, but there is one sure way to win no matter what. I am talking about simply counting cards. Here is a simple strategy to help you get started with counting cards.

First of all, the basic strategy tip is to always play with 21 points (wherever you are, in the house or online). That means you are playing with the entire deck, so you are going to have an advantage (you can see how many cards you have to deal with in the column on the right-hand side of the card table). Also, if the dealer you are dealing with has an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten card table, you are probably going to be up against a few 10 card players, so keep that in mind. Now, when you see cards dealt to you think you have an option or a good chance of hitting something, check out the top card from the deck you are in. That is the 21st card in your deck.

Now you are ready to count out the number of your opponents in single and multi-deck games. In a single deck game, you want to count the number of cards in the middle, the dealer will have one card to deal to each player and the leftmost player will have two cards left. You need to count the cards from the left to the right. For multi-deck games, you need to count the decks from left to right and the dealer will have three cards to deal to each person. The dealer will typically have three decks in play at any given time. This is the most basic strategy for Blackjack, it is the basis for all other strategies.

In addition to the basic strategy for Blackjack, another important tip is to watch the dealer’s betting limits. Betting limits are an important part of your overall strategy because they can often determine whether you win or lose. For example if the dealer has a high betting limit, this means that he likely thinks there is a large payout and therefore is going to offer high betting odds. If the betting limit is too low or if the casino offers no limits at all, the dealer may stand behind his estimate and not offer any payouts.

Now let us review the basic strategy for Blackjack, this strategy includes watching the betting limits, watching the dealer’s betting limits, counting out the number of decks, keeping track of your opponent’s card counting abilities and watching for an ideal time to strike. We also covered basic strategy for playing against the dealer. Be sure to check out my other articles on my website because they will further help you understand how to play Beethoven Blackjack. The Internet is a great resource for Beethoven Blackjack information and strategies. Good luck with your gaming!